TransSolutions is a medium sized commercial marine and logistic provider servicing the oil and gas and mining industries. We are based on Sakhalin island, Russia and have participated in the most prolific and successful oil and gas projects in Russia.

We specialize in long term, end-to-end, complicated, supply chain management projects requiring project vessel, tanker charters, port operations, and specialized trucking functions.

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  • Focus on Health, Safety, and Environment is our highest priority. Ensuring the wellbeing of employees and colleagues within our work environment is paramount. Maintaining high levels of training for our teams, and the highest level of sophistication and maintenance of our equipment are ongoing objectives we consistently meet.
  • Planning and Communication is our greatest strength. Learning the needs and capabilities of our clients and their suppliers allows us to match the project with the best schedules and resources, allowing for any contingency in our plans. As the project evolves, our reporting functions play a critical role in communication efficiency and transparent operations.
  • Partnerships with our clients are our most valuable assets. From large, long term projects to single transaction contracts, we strive to maintain a relationship with our client that provides a work environment based on fairness, respect, and accessibility, thereby fostering growth for our clients and for TransSolutions.